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Spruce Up Spring Home Decor Is Easy As 1, 2, 3

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Spring is the season of new beginnings, rebirth, and renewal. When green grass starts popping up, tree buds bloom, and windows welcome in a fresh breeze, spring fever invites lofty plans for the coming year. For some homeowners, kitchen makeovers, small kitchen renovations, small bathroom remodels and bathroom renovations move up on the list of things to do. However, spring fever can pull homeowners down a rabbit hole of

remodeling ideas that are not necessary.

Instead of a bathroom remodel or investing time on a kitchen remodel ideas and home renovation ideas, a spring décor update can often alleviate a lot of what you don’t like in your home. As your local home staging, home remodel consultant, and interior decorator, Uniquely Yours Home recommends giving your home a spring décor update before getting caught up in extensive remodeling plans. In this blog, we’ll share three spring décor ideas that should go a long way in curbing your spring fever remodeling impulses. These three spring décor ideas have helped our home remodeling consulting service customers save a lot of time and money, and could be applied universally to home staging, and home interior decorating in general. If you get stuck in applying these spring décor ideas or feel you need to do more, contact Uniquely Yours Home today for a hassle-free home remodel consultation at 763-458-9710.

#1 Give Your Front Door/Outside Entry Area a Spring Shine!

• Give the steps, doors, and storm door windows a good cleaning. Pressure washers work great for this. But in the absence of a pressure washer, you could use a hard-bristled restaurant-grade hand or broom style brush and a garden hose to spray off debris.

• Add a seasonal wreath, tip: As a home interior designer, give your décor some longevity by choosing a seasonal over a holiday wreath.

• Add a new welcome mat. As interior decorators, we love the look and durability of a double mat. It adds some additional texture and really warms up the entry area and welcomes guests. This is also a great tip for home staging.

#2 Add Green Inside Your Home.

As you step through your front door, identify areas where your eye initially focuses on and look around at your greens, or lack thereof. Then repeat as you move through the other rooms of your home.

• Swap out any winter/holiday greens you have been using in vases, baskets, pots, etc. for brighter fresh greens.

• If you are looking around and see no greens, then now is the time to invest in some! These can be real or faux (you know the fake variety, which have really come a long way…just look at all the decorating we do with them!).

Order These Spring Décor Items Today!

#3 Re-Work Your Shelving Décor & Declutter Every Room.

Remove everything on each shelf and do a nice spring cleaning. Dust off the shelves and items on them.

• Get tips to Style your Bookshelves Like a Pro. Click Here. This blog will help you arrange your shelves as the blog title suggests, like a “Pro.”

• Declutter Every Room. Many times, clutter blinds homeowners from seeing what they really don’t like with their home. Subconsciously, it is a major pain point fueling spring fever anxiety to remodel everything. Removing clutter helps you clearly see the elements in your home you want changed, like paint color, light fixtures, etc. Sometimes, decluttering combined with adding greens is all it takes to curb spring fever remodeling impulses. On the other hand, decluttering combined with adding greens turns out to be just a good start. But the process helps you identify exactly what to do next.

• Pack away, store, or donate items that you don’t need and use or don’t fit the fresh spring vibe you are going for, like the baking mixer on the kitchen countertop used during the Holiday Season.

• After you are done decluttering, start placing and arranging your spring items. You should have lots of “holes” after you declutter. Take a picture on your phone of these areas and go shopping! It is ok to blend some of the things you already have, like a floating bathroom shelf, or vase, with new spring items. The idea here is you can be frugal and creative using old and new items.

Remodeling & Interior Decorating Ideas for the Rest of the Year.

Leo Tosltoy once said, “spring is the time of plans and projects.” In the spirit of Tosltoy’s words, Uniquely Yours Home offers home remodeling consulting services with lots of ideas for kitchen makeovers and bathroom remodels. Feel free to click on the blog links below to get started. If you get stuck with your spring décor update or need help designing a remodeling plan, or home staging, contact Uniquely Yours Home for a hassle-free consultation at 763-458-9710.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that there are affiliate links within this article. This means that at no additional cost to you, Uniquely Yours Home may receive a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. We appreciate you supporting our business in this way!

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