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Our Story

We believe design should be centered around life chapters, whether you're a young business professional, starting a family or transitioning into retirement. We listen to our clients and their design goals so that we can co-create a space that is stylish yet functional - but above all completely customized and completely their own.

We believe that your home should be a reflection of you and your unique style.

It's our mission to take any intimidation out of the picture and make this process enjoyable and fun first!

It's so nice to meet you!


Meet Our Team

The Uniquely Yours Home Team is comprised of just the right people to make your job happen. From backgrounds in project management, staging, and diverse design, we’ve created a team that feels like a family and functions with ease. With so many moving parts, our team seamlessly brings your space to life and fulfills your design goals.

Donna Busch


Donna is the creative force behind Uniquely Yours Home

She has a passion to reinvent spaces with texture, color and light. Through her keen sense of observation and compassion for her clients, she can help to articulate and define someone's vision and bring it to life, even if they have trouble defining their own style. She can decorate a bookcase like nobody's business and then turn around on demo day and get her hands dirty.

Donna's organic energy has been featured on several home improvement programs including HGTV's Decorating Cents and DIY Networks Sweat Equity.

Donna Busch of Uniquely Yours Home was Voted the 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2019 Readers Choice for Home and Garden, Best Interior Designer of Elk River Star News.

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Ashley Krueger


Business Manager and Lead Design Assistant

Donna's daughter, Ashley is the Business Manager and Lead Design Assistant. She is all about the details; from selections to coordinating subcontractors, she takes care of it all. She likely has a spreadsheet or excels algorithm at the tip of her fingers to make the process as efficient as possible!


A master delegator and the right hand woman to countless people - you'll want Ashley in your corner to get things done.

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Our Team

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Amanda Lenz

Home Staging Specialist/Design Assistant

Amanda is our Home Staging Specialist! She works with all of our staging clients to help them prepare their homes to go on the market.


Amanda also has a great eye for design. Whether it’s selecting paint colors and décor or assisting with project management of a full-scale remodel she helps bring clients' vision to life in their homes

Holly Lowenberg

Stylist- Design Assistant

Holly is an amazing stylist. She uses her creative talent to transform clients' homes into retreats that are functional and beautiful. We love her visions for the possibilities of what a space can be by combining  textures, colors, and styles.

Nicolle Edstrom

Stylist- Design Assistant

Nicolle is our go-to gal for all things!  She splits her time between answering emails, sourcing products for clients, and scouring the store shelves to find the best pieces for your home. She uses her knowledge of Real Estate and Home Staging to bring our team the perfect balance of creativity and home decor tips.

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