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Commercial Design

From corporate office spaces to small family restaurants, in our extensive commercial design experience, we work directly with you to create a space that truly reflects your business!


We’ll provide creative options, guide you through the design and decision making process from start to finish, and work directly with contractors to transform your place of business into a captivating, functional space that is uniquely yours!

Commercial Design is perfect for those who need:

  • To update the look of your current location

  • Moving to a new space, remodeling existing or building a new location

  • Help transforming your space so it better reflects your brand and image

  • Assisting with furniture and accessories selection for design appeal and function

Pricing dependent location and scope of project.

All of our projects and pricing are custom to fit your needs.


Here is how we'll get started...

Getting to Know You

Let's start a conversation about your project. We will gather information via phone or email about you, the project location and the scope of work. We briefly discuss timeline and budget. From there, we will set up a time to meet!



Let's Meet!

During our meeting we'll go over your wish list, function of space and your style. We will discuss your company's brand so we carefully curate our selections to represent your company's image.


After our visit we will send you a Write-Up to recap what we discussed. Based on your project this may include paint colors, contractor references, links to purchase and design ideas!


What happens next is up to YOU! 


If there Write-Up is all you need then you can take it from there!

On Call

If you have any questions as you move forward we can consult as needed and bill at our hourly rate. We can also come back to do the install if you purchase the product!

Full Service

We will source all product and selections needed. Once approved, these items will be purchased and prepared for installation. Our design crew will install the product and style your space in preparation for the BIG reveal!

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