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How to Shop For the Perfect Rug

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

I think we can all agree that rugs can really pull a room together. Problem is, they’re one of the hardest home purchases to make because they’re available in so many sizes, styles, and materials.There are endless options out there, and let’s be honest, this can make shopping a bit confusing at times! Not to worry, in this post we’ll guide you through the rug shopping process room by room. So what do you say? Let’s get started and find the perfect rug for your space!

Create a Floor-plan

Before heading to the stores, you will first need to create a floor-plan of your room. Determining where your furniture will be placed ahead of time will narrow down your search for the perfect rug!

Classic Living Room Layout

When selecting a rug for a living room, choose one that is large enough to fit under the front legs of all the pieces.

A 5′ x 8′ or 6′ x 9′ rug is typically a good size to cluster furniture around for an intimate area.

Dining Room Layout

In the dining room, look for a rug that is large enough to fit under the table AND chairs when they are extended. Another thing to keep in minds is that you can use a rectangle, oval or round table on a rectangle rug; BUT only a round table on a round rug!

8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ is typically a good rug size for a rectangular dining table with 6-8 chairs and a 7’ or 8’ round rug is great for a round dining table in a breakfast nook or square dining room.

Bedroom Layout

In bedrooms, this is the most common way you to incorporate a rug.

  • Large rug placed one-third of the way under the bed so the rug creates a comfy landing space at the bottom of the bed where a dressing bench or settee can be placed.

Typical sizes can range from 5’ x 8’ to 6’ x 9’ depending on how much rug you prefer to have under your bed.

Choose the Material

Family Room

Foot traffic is a key element when considering what rug texture will be best for your space. If your family room is a heavily used room or if pets are present, consider an all-wool rug, sisal, polyester, polypropylene, or a cotton flat-weave as these are highly durable. Rugs with interesting patterns and combination of highs and lows in the pile will also help hide the wear and tear.

TOP Rug Picks for Living Rooms

Dining Room

Because spills happen- easy to clean is a priority here! We suggest flat-weave or low-pile rugs as a practical choice in the dining room. Generally, pure natural fibers like cotton and wool are the easiest to clean. We also recommend avoiding white and light-colored rugs in this space. As beautiful as they look, they are not forgiving when it comes to minor stains compared to deeper, richer hues.

Indoor-outdoor rugs are also a good option in this space as the material can be forgiving to all elements!

TOP Rug Picks for Dining Rooms


A plush, velvety rug is a wonderful thing to sink your feet into in the morning. It’s also a practical choice for bedrooms, adding warmth to a room that’s all about relaxation. Being that this space has less foot traffic than other areas in the home, the process of selecting a rug material will be much different. For bedrooms, you typically have the freedom to introduce cozy and luxurious materials without having to worry about routine wear and tear. Silks, hides, and wool are all great options for the bedroom. For kids bedrooms, consider cotton or wool for easy maintenance.

TOP Rug Picks for Bedrooms

Selecting the Color and Style

When deciding on what colors and patterns you want in your new rug, first look at the rug as a piece in the larger idea of your space. What are the materials and finishes of your furniture? What styles of fixtures do you have throughout your home? What colors do you have on your walls and what are some common hues in your accessories and artwork? If you have an open floor plan, what other rugs are you already using in the space and what would compliment without competing? The rug you ultimately choose should cohesively blend with the style, colors, and lifestyle of your home.

DON'T Forget the rug pad!!

Depending on what you need for the rug and the space. You can get either a rug grip so it doesn't slide or a rug pad for grip, comfort and to protect the floor underneath it!

We hope these quick pointers have you feeling ready to go forth and buy that new rug you’ve been dreaming about! If you’re still in need of some extra guidance on how to find the perfect rug for your space, check out the video below!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that there are affiliate links within this article. This means that at no additional cost to you, Uniquely Yours Home may receive a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. We appreciate you supporting our business in this way!

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