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Updated: Aug 4

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It’s time for a quick bathroom makeover that will not break the bank. Do you have a bathroom in your home that could use a little update, but starting a project always seems to take too long and cost too much? Well, we are simplifying the process for you with this Amazon bathroom makeover! Whenever you are looking to update a space, you should remove all the items you are no longer going to be using and prep your space for all things new by doing a deep clean. This part of the process costs you nothing and sets you up for success upon completion of your makeover. For more tips for organizing and cleaning your bathroom check out our post on Bathroom Organizing on a Budget. Now with the space clean and organized you can really see what you are working and you can move on to the fun part! Shop Amazon for all your new bathroom pieces.

Do you have a shelf or cabinet with open spaces? These are great places to use plants.

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Plants are a staple product here at Uniquely Yours Home and a must in all our decorating. Plants add a natural pop of color and fit any décor style, they come in all different shapes and sizes and make it easy for you to fit them into your makeover. For a bathroom we are loving these small faux plants from Amazon. You can add them onto the shelf in your space or place them on the vanity, since these are maintenance free you can enjoy their vibrant green color year-round with no effort beyond the purchase and placement.

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Using baskets within your bathroom makeover gives you both function and beauty. These low profile baskets with a wooden handle from Amazon are great on an open shelf, the back of the toilet tank or on your vanity. Fill them with personal products, rolled towels or use as a cute holder for your toilet paper. These baskets are so versatile they can be changed up within the space when you need a little refresh.

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Towels are a given within a bathroom but we are guessing your towels might need a little update? There is just something about fresh, fluffy towels and this towel set from Amazon is a must! The deep gray color keeps it neutral within your space and add a perfect texture. Place these towels on towel bars or rings, fold and place on a shelf, drape a folded one over the side of the tub or roll some and place in those cute baskets we talked about earlier. Who say’s towels cannot be décor?

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Since we started talking texture let’s continue by addressing the floor. Bathrooms need bathmats, they

absorb water, give your feet a non-slip surface to walk on and add- you guessed it- TEXTURE to your

space. Since we are building a bathroom makeover plan, these fit perfectly in our design and can be

purchased from Amazon.

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Elevating something as simple as your hand soap is easily done with these glass dispensers from Amazon. You need to see how cute these labels are! There are 10 options that cover all

your bathroom liquids, making it easy to update from that store bought bottle. Place on your vanity, or within the baskets that we mentioned above, they are perfect bottles to stand alone or incorporate into your other décor.

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Filling the remaining space on that shelf or vanity can be easily done with candles. Candles come in all

shapes, sizes and scents. Choose something light and airy in regard to the scent, you want it to add to

the ambiance of the space and not detract from it. We not only love the color and size of this candle but the smell is the perfect match for the rest of our bathroom makeover space, and you guessed it, Amazon for the win.

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We are close to completing the makeover for our space but first we need to talk artwork. We are guessing you have a space on the wall, it may be above the toilet or on the wall adjacent to it, regardless of where, we have the perfect item to complete this Amazon bathroom makeover. Check out this wood framed piece we found, we could not be happier.

Hopefully you are seeing the vision we had for this space come together. All the items play nicely with each other and create a perfect balance in this makeover. Without breaking the bank, we have a complete bathroom makeover that anyone can accomplish on their own. If you are feeling a little more adventurous and want to take your makeover further, we suggest looking at the light fixture and faucet.

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We found the perfect over vanity light fixture at Amazon, this fixture incorporates matte black into the mix, which modernizes the space and the clear glass with see thru lightbulbs work perfect in our overall vision.

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We paired the faucet with the light fixture by using the same matte black finish, and the result is everything we were hoping for. You can do a bathroom makeover without breaking the bank, so get to planning and make those purchases.

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Home Staging, Home Remodeling Consulting Services, bathroom remodel, bathroom renovations, small bathroom remodel, small bathroom renovations, small kitchen renovation, affordable Kitchen Remodel

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