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Table Choice is Crucial for a Dining Room Makeover

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

The snow is here, and you are asking yourself “how can this Holiday Season be a little merrier than last year?” and it hits you, your dining room needs a makeover! Many people and families are gearing up for formal and informal get-togethers. As a result, at Uniquely Yours Home, we have had numerous requests for dining room makeover ideas and consultations. Uniquely Yours Home is your local interior decorator, home remodel consultant, and we offer home staging services. We are always eager to help, and we provide uncomplicated and affordable home remodeling consulting services. But for the DIY out there, we are going to share our secret sauce!

Picking the right table is key.

It doesn’t matter if your dining room is in a separate room from your kitchen or if you have an eat-in kitchen. Picking the right table is key in pulling off a dining room makeover. This is the same place we start at for kitchen remodel ideas, small kitchen renovation or small kitchen remodels, affordable kitchen remodels, and kitchen remodeling in general.

Tables Choices to Consider.

The first question to ask yourself before buying a table.

Is the dining room/kitchen table going to be your “forever” table or a table “just for now?” If you have other dining room remodeling ideas being driven by plans to have more children, move your parents in, build an addition for more space, or add a three- or four-season porch, a just for now table is probably the most appropriate. As a result, it makes sense to select a just for now table that is functional and inexpensive. On the other hand, if you have dedicated space, whether it be a separate formal room or an eat-in kitchen and you know your needs will pretty much be consistent, a “forever” table makes the most sense. Generally, a little more thought and investment goes into a forever table. Below we put together a checklist to help guide your selection.

Table buying checklist.

• Measure the space to know how much room you have for the table. Consider how much space you will have behind each chair, as this will factor into how much floor space your new dining room set takes up.

• Shape. Do you want a rectangle or round? Depending on the room size and shape you may need to stick with a certain shape.

• Guests. How many do you want the table to sit? Consider for both everyday use and on special occasions. This could help determine if you need a table with a leaf.

• Table color and finish. Paint, stained wood, metal, or glass can affect the ambiance you are looking for.

• Chairs.Chair finish: wood, leather, fabric, Captain’s chairs, all matching chairs, or a bench, plus chair height, like standard table height or counter height can affect the ambiance you are looking for.

Remodeling Ideas Elk River, Home Staging Elk River, Home Remodel Consultant Elk River, Interior Decorator Elk River
Pictured above are bench chairs.

• Budget. Is this a table for now or is this an investment piece?

Other factors in buying a table: lights and area rug.

• Light fixtures can affect the balance you are looking for. Are you keeping the current fixture or planning to update it? What is the shape of the light over the table? Will you want the table centered under the light fixture or will it be offset? Answering these questions before you go shopping for a table could suggest a rectangle table is better for your room vs a round table and vice-a-versa.

• Area Rugs can affect the ambiance you are looking for. Do you want a rug under the table? An area rug can help a table “pop” or highlight a theme you’re hoping to pull off. Area rugs are also great for preserving the carpet or hardwood floors.

In the context of dining room remodeling ideas, the best place to start is by selecting the right table. Once you determine if the table is a forever table vs a just for now table, you can narrow your selection using our table buying checklist. The table buying checklist can be used while you are browsing online, or you can take it with you to a furniture showroom floor. After considering lighting and area rugs, suppose the dining room ambiance is not exactly what you envisioned. Don’t sweat it, it happens sometimes. Tweaking the lighting (daylight lights vs bright white), light fixtures, and paint scheme in the room are all safe bets to help realize the ambiance you are looking for. And if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to contact Uniquely Yours Home for a hassle-free dining room consultation today at 763-274-0736.

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