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Last Minute Holiday Decoration Ideas for Fireplace Mantels and More!

Home Remodel Consultant, Christmas interior design ideas, Christmas interior design ideas for the office, Christmas home staging ideas, Christmas kitchen makeovers, Home Staging

Home Remodel Consultant, small kitchen Christmas interior design ideas, affordable kitchen Christmas interior design ideas, small bathroom Christmas interior design ideas, Home Staging
Garland is often overused in holiday decorating. Try Pinecones, they work great as a standalone item or mixed in with other pieces to pull off a holiday ambiance.

Are you a last-minute holiday decorator? You may be asking yourself “how can I decorate

this Holiday Season to be merrier than last year and in a record amount of time?” Many families are gearing up for formal and informal get-togethers. As a result, at Uniquely Yours Home, we have had numerous requests for holiday interior design ideas and consultations. Uniquely Yours Home is your local interior decorator, home remodel consultant, and we offer home staging services. We are always eager to help, and we provide uncomplicated and affordable home remodeling consulting services. In this blog, we’ll share some holiday interior design ideas including fireplace mantel holiday decorating ideas for the DIY’er. But, if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact Uniquely Yours Home at 763-274-0736. You may even want to schedule us for next year. If that is the case, don’t hesitate to contact us today. The holiday interior design ideas we’ll share in this blog can be applied universally for holiday interior design for the office, holiday home staging, holiday kitchen makeovers, small bathroom holiday interior design, small kitchen holiday interior design, and affordable kitchen holiday interior design.

General Holiday Interior Design Principles

Holiday interior design ideas, Holiday interior design ideas for the office, Holiday home staging ideas, Holiday kitchen makeovers, Home Staging
For the center of the table, a cocoa bar works great, and kids and guests love it!

Before we dive into fireplace mantel holiday decorating ideas, let’s explore some general principles for holiday interior design.

First, keep it simple. This is essential to help keep your holiday decorating budget in check and can be a huge time saver. Holiday interior design, holiday interior design for the office, and holiday home staging don't need to be expensive or exhausting. Try to use the things you may already have, like family heirlooms, candy canes, ribbons, bows, pinecones, and Christmas garland. But, if you do need to get some extra supplies, plan it out so you just need to make one trip to the store.

Second, decide on a color theme. Holiday colors historically are pine green, red rose, and white snow. However, silver and blue or black and white combinations are trending in popularity this year.

Start with Bookshelves, Artwork, and Dining Room Tables

For bookshelves, you can rotate in Christmas/holiday décor or incorporate family heirlooms. Crystal and silver “China,” vases, dishes, and Christmas mangers are common examples of this. If you need some ideas to decorate your bookshelves like a pro, click here to check out our blog “Style your Bookshelves Like a Pro.” For art, you could swap some pieces with Christmas/holiday-themed ones or substitute the art with a Christmas wreath. If you need some ideas to “Hang Artwork Like a Pro,” click here. For the dining room table, you could add an arrangement to the center of the table, like a vase with red roses and trimmings from your Christmas tree, or add pinecones. Another idea could be a basket filled with small and tiny wrapped gifts “garnished” with garland, pinecones, or trimmings from your Christmas tree and candy canes. Lastly, for the center of the table, you could add a cocoa bar-for kids and guests. A cocoa bar also works with bookshelves and fireplace mantels (but it depends on the size of the surface area of your bookshelf and mantel). See the example pictures above.

Using Ribbons, Bows, Pinecones, and Christmas Garland

Ribbons, bows, pinecones, and Christmas garland work great for light fixtures, and staircase handrails. Also, Christmas lights work great “zip” tied under staircase handrails. See example pictures below.

Fireplace Mantel Holiday Decorating Ideas

Holiday Home Staging, Holiday interior decorating ideas, home remodel consultant, Home Renovation Consultant

Create a couple of layers when decorating your fireplace mantel for the holidays. For some people, you can go for three layers, but the third layer is optional.

The Anchor

The anchor is the main piece, layer 1, on your fireplace mantel. It acts as a focal point to draw your eye in. This will be the tallest item. Balance and scale are important. Avoid selecting an item bigger than the fireplace below it. Some examples include a mirror, artwork, Christmas wreath, a motto or saying, or the TV.

The Weight

The “weight” is layer 2. Create balance by placing an item on either side of the anchor, layer 1. These items can be the same or a combination of items of varying height. The key is that the scales are similar to create balance. Examples include sconces and vases.

An Optional Filler

An optional filler layer, or layer 3. Some minimalists are just fine with 2 layers (anchor-layer 1 + weight-layer 2), but some love the extra texture of adding additional décor to the mantel. This could be smaller accents like candles or additional color with greens, garland, or pinecones. These items are smaller than layer 2, the “weight.”

See Mantel Arrangement Examples Below.

Some people have a flat-screen TV above their fireplace mantels, but this shouldn’t deter you from pulling off the Holiday ambiance you’re hoping for. The TV just becomes the anchor, or layer 1, and if you add a weight-layer 2 or as an optional filler-layer 3, they just need to be smaller than layer 1. As an added twist, the same garland you use as an optional filler-layer 3 could also be used as a border around the TV.

Holiday interior design and fireplace mantel holiday decorating don’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. By following the ideas outlined above, a DIY’er can pull off the ambiance you’re hoping to create. But if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact Uniquely Yours Home today at 763-274-0736. We are always eager to help, and we provide uncomplicated and affordable local interior design, home staging, and home remodel consultations.

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