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3 MUST DO Staging Tips Before Listing Your Home

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

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If you have talked to anyone buying or selling a home recently, you probably have heard it is a hot market for sellers and a very competitive one for buyers. It is what analysts call a “seller’s market,” meaning there are more buyers than there is inventory. As a result, new home listings are selling faster than normal, and many times for more money than list price. For example, on Business Insider, it was reported one home recently sold with 76 cash offers and for $200,000 over the asking price (Monica Humphries,, A fixer-upper in DC received 76 all-cash offers and sold for $200,000 over the asking price, and it shows how wildly competitive buying a home is right now, April 1, 2021,

Why Stage My Home for Sale in a Seller’s Market?

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To remove any objection a buyer(s) may have from making their best offer. And hopefully to lead to multiple offers and ultimately to a higher sales price. Uniquely Yours Home Inc. is a local home remodeling consultant and interior decorator with years of experience in home staging. Drawing on our expertise working as a home interior designer and office interior designer, we assembled a list of “must-do” home staging tips that are uncomplicated and results-driven. They include organize and declutter, clean, and get your “to-do” lists completed, like DIY projects.

Tip #1: Organize and Declutter

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Homeowners contacting Uniquely Yours Home Inc. for kitchen makeovers, remodeling ideas, and basement finishing, are many times looking for more space. Believe it or not, sometimes we talk ourselves out of a new remodel project by asking homeowners this question: do you really need everything you have? This same question has merit for home staging too. If buyers feel your home is cluttered, their first impression may be your home is not big enough for them despite the fact it has plenty of square footage. To avoid this, it is best to declutter and organize countertops, cupboards, the pantry, corners, and closets. For things you rarely use but need, store them neatly in a storage bin and out of sight, like in the basement. For things you never use, sell, or donate them. Below are 4 products that can help you:

1. Laundry Woven Plastic Storage Basket

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2. Storage Box Woven Basket Bin Container Tote Cube Organizer

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3. Pantry Airtight Food Storage Containers

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4. 8 Pack Interlocking Desk Drawer Organizer

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Tip #2: Clean

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While decluttering and organizing will help provide a sense of open space, shiny open areas are better. Accompanied by a fresh smell, your home’s first impression could be the winning combo to trigger a buyer’s interest. Because a fresh smell is almost impossible when showing your home after cooking dinner, we added the GermGuardian plug-in deodorizer to the list below.

1. MORE Stone & Quartz All-Purpose Cleaning Spray