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3 Bathroom Makeover Ideas

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Uniquely Yours Home Inc. is your local bathroom remodel consultant and interior decorator with years of experience in bathroom makeovers. From bathroom upgrades and affordable bathroom remodels to complete bathroom renovations, we have ideas for you! Believe it or not, we sometimes talk ourselves out of large remodel projects by asking homeowners this question: Is your home a “forever home” or your “home for now?” Almost everyone looking for a bathroom remodels has one thing in common. They want to give their bathroom a “modern” feel. A cosmetic bathroom makeover can go a long way to achieving this if your home is your “home for now.” But, if it is your “forever home,” function is also a consideration. Drawing on our expertise working as a home interior designer, in this blog we’ll share three bathroom remodeling ideas for your consideration from a recent “forever home” project.

Swap Out Golden Oak with Alder Wood

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Many of the homes built from say, 2003 to 2012, have lots of golden oak cabinets, trim work, and baseboards. However, the wood in most updated homes is a neutral wood tone or is painted. In the “forever home” bathroom remodel before and after pictures on the left, you can see the client opted to replace the bathroom vanity alder wood and raised the height to function better for them. In the after picture on the bottom left, you can see the golden oak baseboards were swapped out for tile (along with the entire bathroom floor). Finally, notice the toilet was moved. The homeowner wanted it to be more “private” off to the side.

Replace the Standard Shower Insert with a Tile and Glass

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This homeowner’s standard shower insert was enclosed in three walls. The customer felt their old bathroom was “cramped.” By making a half wall and encasing in glass and tile the shower remodel provided an open feel to this space. This is a great technique for any small bathroom remodel. This bathroom upgrade also helped brighten up the bathroom with natural sunlight from the window next to it. See the picture to the right.

Swap Out the Corner Jacuzzi for a Tub

Of all the bathroom remodel ideas we brought to this bathroom remodel, the jacuzzi bath remodel really alleviated the “cramped” feeling this customer described to us. We swapped out the jacuzzi for a free-standing designer tub. This not only provided more space for the homeowner but also the white ceramic helped to brighten up the room. See the picture below.

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Swapped out jacuzzi for a designer tub.

Final Bathroom Remodel Thought

For both “forever home” or your “home for now,” creating a mood or feeling can be accomplished many times by selecting the right bathroom accessories. Displaying the accessories on the bathroom vanity can be decorative and functional. For example, you could add cotton balls, plus a plant and straw or hemp container for storage, as pictured below. Artwork can also play a key role in creating the feeling you are looking for. These ideas can be applied to all bathroom makeovers, from bathroom upgrades and affordable bathroom remodels to complete bathroom renovations.

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Ideas for bathroom accessories.

If you would like help with your bathroom remodel, contact Uniquely Yours Home Inc. online today, or for a hassle-free consultation call us at 763-274-0736. In addition to having extensive expertise with bathroom makeovers, as your local home remodel consultant and house interior designer, we have an excellent kitchen remodel ideas and home renovation ideas too.


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