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4 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home For Spring

Hey Friends! I feel like we are FINALLY ready to say Spring is HERE! One of my favorite things about spring is that I can start to introduce so many fun and cheery colors into my designs. Let’s be honest, here in Minnesota, although it’s beautiful (at times), we ALL get sick of looking at all the white and lifeless colors of winter! It may not all be melted yet but I’ve been putting out my spring wreaths and adding in some colorful accents for some of our recent projects. This month, we’ve put together 4 quick and easy tips to get your home ready for spring!

Happy Spring!


Add Lots of Greenery and Floral

Let greenery and floral take center stage on surfaces throughout your home! Coffee tables, dining room tables, kitchen islands, and bathroom counters are all great places to add this cheerful, seasonal touch! Whether you prefer real or fake, try using different style containers in varying heights to add some visual interest. Also, add an element of consistency by sticking to flowers and greenery that complement the current color scheme of your home. Next, pair your vignette with details like woven table runners and natural linens to bring a light and natural feel to the space. Below are a few examples of how you could incorporate greenery and floral in your home. We love these pops of yellow, it’s such a fun and cheery color for spring!

Enhance Your Entrance

First impressions are everything and the vibe of your home all starts at the front door! Create a friendly entrance by adding a colorful wreath on the front door. If you have an entryway table in the foyer of your home, dress it up! Add some greenery or fresh flowers and add seasonal accents that can change throughout the year. Vibrant accessories, pottery and artwork can brighten up any space.

Accessorize With Color

What’s the first thing you think about when the word “Spring” is mentioned? Color! And what are the first colors that signal the arrival of spring? Fresh and vibrant greens, yellows, and sky blues. Try incorporating these tones in accent pillows and throws, table settings, rugs, towels, and accent art. Nothing will bring you out of the winter blues like introducing bright, and cheerful colors in your home!

Mix Patterns

Introducing floral patterns is a perfect way to add a touch of spring in your home!! Mixing complementing colors and patterns in rugs, bedding, and throw pillows adds additional layers of interest. The end result is a wonderfully welcoming room.. We love the combination of the soft neutral colors and happy sunflower yellow in this home!

Thinking about freshening up your home for spring but need some ideas and guidance on how to make it a reality? Contact us today and we’ll help you create the ultimate retreat!

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