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Sofa Buying Guide

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

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Buying a sofa may seem like a simple task, but there should be a thought process behind your final decision! We’ve put together this guide of things to consider before purchasing your new sofa.

1. Define the Purpose

Every room has a purpose, and every sofa needs to fulfil that purpose. Think about what you use the current space for and how a sofa can help you define that function and meet your needs.

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Perhaps you need to furnish a formal living room where you plan on entertaining guests. In this space, a tufted or a low back sofa would give the room a bold and upscale feel.

This sofa is elegant and provides plenty of seating space for entertaining! The low profile is also great in open spaces.

This sofa is available on Wayfair

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Maybe you need a sofa that the whole family can lounge on for a weekly movie night. In this case, look for a sofa that is comfortable and large enough to fit the whole family!

This sofa option offers a matching loveseat, chair and ottoman to provide additional seating and comfort! The leather sofa is also easy to clean and family friendly.

Whatever the purpose of your living space, make sure that your new sofa can fulfil your family’s lifestyle and needs.

2. Define your style

Sofas come in a variety of different styles, fabrics, and colors. With that being said, it’s very important to nail down your style before shopping to avoid being overwhelmed by all of the options! Here are a few things to consider:

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Attached vs Detached Cushions

Attached back cushions can give a sofa a sleeker look, while having detached cushions is more versatile. They can be removed to allow for a more comfortable sleeping arrangement.


Sofa arms can vary by shape, size, and style. We recommend a lower arm if you intend to nap or lounge on the sofa, and flatter/higher arm if you would like more support when reading or writing.

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Sofa Material

Choosing a sofa material really comes down to your lifestyle and preferences.

Leather is easy to keep clean and wipe down. If you have pets that shed, it wont show hair, BUT it may show scratches!

Fabric brings more comfort and warmth to the space. It is more forgiving to scratches from pets, but it is more prone to staining. If it is a piece that your family will be using everyday look for cushion covers that can be removed and washed or choose a fabric protection plan at time of purchase.

Fun fact, most people keep their sofas for 5-10 years. With that being said, style choices 10 years ago might not be what’s “in” now. Keep it safe by avoiding bold colors and patterns and instead go with neutral fabrics. Creams, greys, slates, or even a tweed/linen blend are always safe choices and act as a good base for accent colors. Next, add in some personality with throw pillows that have different textures, colors, and patterns! Throws and accent pillows can be swapped out at anytime, which makes it easy and cost effective to change the style of your living space.

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3. Create a Floorplan

One of the most important but often overlooked aspects of selecting a new sofa is creating a mock floorplan. This can be as simple as taking detailed measurements of your living space and mapping out the best spots for your new sofa.

For example, in open floor plans, sofas are often floated in the middle of the room to serve as a natural separation between the living and kitchen/dining areas. Although there may seem like there is a lot of room, make sure that your new couch has a reasonable depth to avoid the space feeling crowded and bulky. Instead, look for a couch with a flat back and float a sofa table behind it to ground the space.

Also, think about the line of sight in your living space. Besides the TV, do you have big windows that show off a great view? If so, position the sofa so you can view both the TV and the beautiful outdoors. In a situation where your only choice is to place the sofa in front of the window, choose a sofa with a lower profile to avoid too much light being blocked from the window. Sofa size and positioning also depends on the scale of other pieces in the room. Make sure to factor in extra space for side tables, accent chairs, ottomans, coffee tables, and floor lamps.

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We hope this guide helps you as you gear up for your next sofa purchase! Still looking for some help or advice on what furniture would work best for your living space? Give us a call and schedule a consultation where we’ll create a custom plan to completely transform your home.

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