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5 Simple Holiday Decorating Tips

The holidays are a special time to enjoy precious moments with family and friends, but all too often we find ourselves frantically decorating last minute, sometimes completely spoiling the reason for the season!

The good news? You do not need to spend a lot of time or money transforming your home into a joyful and welcoming retreat. Check out our 5 quick tips on how to make your home look effortlessly festive for the holidays.

1. Hone In On Your Color Scheme and Style

Your home’s current style will guide you in the color scheme and decor that can be seamlessly transitioned in. Whatever your personal taste may be, incorporate a theme that works cohesively with the aesthetic look and feel of your home. For example, traditional homes may opt for classic metallics, reds, and burgundies, whereas unexpected pops of pastels can add a fun and quirky twist to a modern home.

Are you unsure of what color scheme and style is right for you? Check out this article by Decoholic on 11 Christmas Home Decorating Styles for some inspiration!

2. Dress Up Your Gathering Spaces

The holidays are all about gathering together with family and friends, and let’s be honest, food is ALWAYS involved! With that being said, your dining room and kitchen are the perfect spaces to start decorating!

In your dining room, focus on creating a space that makes your guests feel at home. Now is the time to bring out that beautiful Christmas china that is stored away all year! Along with your dinnerware, add bold napkins and chargers, a festive centerpiece, a themed patterned table runner or tablecloth, festive servingware, and some votives or pillar candles for a cozy touch.

If you have glass cabinets in your kitchen, clear them out and add charming vignettes with your cherished holiday decor! Metallics and glitter always reflect light beautifully, so don’t be afraid to add these elements in where you can. Are you a big entertainer? Add a tray on your counter or center island with a few wine glasses, small plates, and some Christmas goodies like cookies or candy canes in glass domes or jars. Not only are you ready for entertaining when your guests arrive, but it’s a simple way to add some joy and warmth to your kitchen!

4. Add LOTS of Greenery

Fresh greenery is an easy AND cost effective way to add a seasonal touch to your home. Not to mention, it smells absolutely AMAZING! You can find various varieties of greenery sprigs, wreaths, and fresh garland for reasonable prices at Home Depot and other home improvement and garden stores.

The beauty of garland and fresh greens is that it can be added everywhere and anywhere! Try wrapping it around your staircase or doorways, create a mantle masterpiece, or make a beautiful table centerpiece that perfectly compliments your festive dinnerware.

3. Craft Simple and Cost Effective Accents

Holiday decorations do not have to cost a fortune! First, try to think of ways to incorporate leftover Christmas decorations that do not have a place. For example, make a one of a kind centerpiece in a clear vase or bowl with leftover ornaments, candycanes, cranberries, pinecones, or greenery from outside your back door! Have extra pillar candles or votives laying around? Even better! Add one in the center of the centerpiece for touch of warm ambiance.

Second, try upcycling Christmas decor that you consider “outdated” or ugly. Believe it or not, most of the time a fresh coat of paint, a fun new ribbon, or some added elements like artificial snow, glitter, or greenery will bring a one-of-a kind piece back to life!

5. Create a Cozy and Glam Setting

Candles and glitter are perfect for achieving that cozy, glamorous glow. Surfaces that catch the light like mercury glass, silver, and mirrors are also perfect accents that can add a little sparkle to any room.

Do you have multiple pieces of furniture like dressers, hutches, and shelves that seem sparse and could use a personal touch? Tell a story about your home by creating quaint vignettes with groupings of sentimental objects and touches of mirrors, votives, and glitter for a touch of shimmer and shine. Here are a few helpful tips on how to create your perfect vignette:

  1. Pick a focal piece. Whether that be a vintage Santa, a custom made sign, or a small light up tree, choose a piece that you would like to be at the center of attention.

  2. Start adding items to the surface by size and shape. Try adding your largest item to the left or right of the center, then fill in with medium size pieces before adding the smallest items. Carry your eyes from one item to the next, making sure your eyes travel in a meandering path with no harsh jumps.

  3. Walk away and tweak later on as needed! Sometimes it’s best to come back with a fresh perspective and swap in other items from your home that could work cohesively within the vignette.

Do you need assistance with your holiday decorating? Whether you don’t have the time and you would like someone to decorate for you or you are in need some DIY ideas, we’d love to chat with you! From corporate parties to your home sweet home, we can decorate any space for any occasion! Contact us today for more information.

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