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Shiplap Installations: How to Plan Your Next Project

Shiplap walls have been on trend for a while now and there are so many unique ways to incorporate this design element in your home! From sliding barn doors, wood plank ceilings, farm style furniture, and showstopper accent walls, shiplap is a great way to add extra warmth and character to your home. In this blog post, we’ll specifically cover shiplap installation on interior walls.

We have been doing some fun installations recently for our clients and for those who are thinking about adding something similar to your home, keep reading for our top tips and recommendations as you plan out your shiplap project!

Choose the Location

First, choose a space that is dramatic enough to show off your shiplap masterpiece! Think about areas that can be seen from numerous spots throughout the house such as open areas with vaulted ceilings, above the fireplace mantle, or alongside the staircase. If you are wanting to install shiplap in a bedroom, do so behind the headboard! This will not only give the room a dramatic effect as you enter, but it naturally grounds the space while giving some textural interest. There’s nothing like a cozy retreat right at home!

Select the Style

After you decide where you would like to install your shiplap, now it’s time to nail down your style. We all LOVE shiplap, but it can sometimes be hard to come by a style that fits your home. Some feel that even though they love the look, their homes aren’t “rustic” enough for authentic shiplap commonly found in older homes. This is where standard tongue and groove comes into play! This cost-effective alternative, can be bought at any home improvement store and there are endless options and styles to choose from! Check our favorite ready-made shiplap like Pac Trim’s Primed MDF Shiplap Interior Siding and Weaber Weathered Hardwood Board at Home Depot.

When deciding on the color/stain of your shiplap, pay close attention to your current color palette and stain of your furniture. There are numerous options out there, so think about what colors/stains of shiplap would compliment your finishes in the room. For example, in a recreational room that is Timberwolves themed, you could play off of the team colors and paint the planks with alternating hues of blue, black, grey and white.

Shiplap is a perfect way to bring a unique personality to a space. Below are a few more examples of a whitewashed, stained, and painted shiplap walls we’ve installed for our clients.

Pattern and Placement

After you decide on the color/stain of your shiplap, think about the placement and pattern on the wall. Do you have wainscotting and want the shiplap to run from the chair rail to the ceiling? Do you prefer shiplap to be installed in a staggered pattern like traditional wood floors? Whatever you prefer, lay out your desired shiplap pattern on the floor and tweak from there before installing.

Shiplap does not necessarily have to cover the entirety of a wall either! We’ve done many projects where shiplap simply acts as the focal point for family photos and other personal decor. See the below photos for some fun and simple ideas!

Interested in adding shiplap in your home but need help gathering ideas and getting the project done? Gives us a call today! We’d love to hear your ideas and make your shiplap dreams a reality!

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