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Custom Consultation

We provide custom consultations for those who need extra guidance and direction in making design decisions for their home.


This is a perfect service for all of you DIYers out there! For this service, we’ll meet with you to discuss your design dilemmas and will provide a detailed written plan following your consultation that outlines how to create the space of your dreams!

Custom Consultations are perfect for those who need:

  • Ideas for furniture placement and room flow.

  • A detailed design plan laying out how to incorporate old and new pieces, to bring a room back to life.

  • Help with organizing and putting together a shopping list.

  • Direction for how to accessorize and stylize bookcases, coffee and side tables, hutches, dining room table settings, sofa tables, bathroom shelves, bedding and more.

Starting at $300
Pricing dependent location and scope of project.

All of our projects and pricing are custom to fit your needs.

Here is how we'll get started...

Getting to Know You

We will gather information via phone or email about you, location and the scope of the project. Then we can determine together if our Custom Consultation service is right for you. From there we can schedule your consultation!


Start Your Project!

It’s time to meet! Consultations can take up to 90 minutes based on size and scope of the project. Following the consultation, we'll send you a detailed write-up that will equip you with the tools and necessary information you need to tackle your project!


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