Room-By-Room Challenge Part 3

We are excited to join you in our

Room-By-Room Challenge! We are addressing each room in your home to help you create the home you love to be in!

Part 3 is ALL things office! We will cover organizing and design tips for this space. The idea is to make this space functional and pretty using items you may already have in your home!

First and foremost whether you work from home or use a home office for personal use, the office needs to be a functional space.

Step 1: Edit and Clean!

Start by removing EVERY items from the space, this includes EVERY little piece of paper! Once the room is empty, clean the light fixture, wipe down walls, woodwork and clean the floor. Next, take a look at the room layout. Could the desk or table be moved closer to a window or does it need to face out so you can see your kiddos playing in the other room?

Step 2: Organize

After the foundation of the space is prepped. Go through everything you took from the space. Sort and make piles, don't put anything back in the space that is no longer serving you. After everything is sorted you can get a better idea of how much storage you will need for each category. Here are a few ideas that we have for storing items in your office:

Storage Ideas:

1. File Box Organizer Set of 2 - $34.97

Collapsible Linen File Cabinet for Easy File Folder Storage

2. Blue Document Box- $15.81

Canvas and Fiberboard Letter Box,

Size 3.3 x 10.2 x 13.8

3. 5-Piece Desk Organizer- $26.99

Desk Accessories Set Includes Pencil Cup Holder, Letter Sorter, Letter Tray, Hanging File Organizer, and Sticky Note Holder for Home or Office (Copper/Rose Gold)

4. 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet- $218.99

Farmhouse Style in Washed Gray

If you'd rather D.I.Y. options #1 and 2, you could use decorative paper, wallpaper or wrapping paper to cover a box and use that to store your items.

Step 3: Make it pretty!

Our goal of this Challenge is to make your home "pretty" using items you may already have. Whenever we decorate an office space we tend to focus on decor that inspires the person using that space. Family photos, quotes or mementos from vacations are great accents that bring in personality, color and inspiration. Check out the decor in OUR office!

The office decor that inspires us!

1. GREENS! Who doesn't love color! We always add potted greens to every space!

2. Vintage drawer for Thank You's. Stop-clock to keep us on track and a crystal vase with sentimental value to hold the "lucky" pennies we find!

3. Travel inspiration! We added rocks from our favorite places in a clear decorative jar. The book was quick and easy! We painted it gray and wrote on it with a sharpie!

4. This is one of our favorite quotes. It was by Mother Teresa. We just typed it up and framed it!

Click below to view quote

Download PDF • 21KB

Need more ideas? Check out this video for more tips!!

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