Room-By-Room Challenge Part 2

All things DECORATING for the bathroom!

We are excited to join you in our

Room-By-Room Challenge! We are addressing each room in your home to help you create the home you love to be in! The first room we are going to tackle is the BATHROOM.

We put together ideas to

re-purpose everyday items to decorate your bathroom!

Lets start with the walls! Artwork can be tricky in a bathroom getting the size and coloring just right.

We have outlined 3 ideas for bathroom artwork on a budget:

1. Vacation Photos: Whether in frames or on a canvas, vacation photos can add a lot of color and create a retreat feeling in your space.

2. Re-purpose an old frame: If you have an old frame that you still love but needs a little update, this idea is great for you! Take that frame and add a photo of a piece of architecture or flowers.

3. Book or magazine inspiration: Don't have photo skills, no problem, try looking at magazines or books for the perfect pic!

Next, let's decorate that vanity top! Depending on the size of your counter, you may need 1-5 items to decorate with. We ALWAYS suggest clustering items in groups of 1, 3's or 5's, odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye.

We have outlined 3 ideas for bathroom decor on a budget:

1. Re-think how you store items: Store common bathroom products such as q-tips and bath salts in mason jars or decorative vases.

2. Add some greens: Bring in those outdoor terracotta pots or other flower containers as vases for greens on the counter.

3. Don't throw out those candles!: Candle containers can be cleaned out and re-used for decorative container. Just add greens, rocks or beach sand!

That's not all!! We have more ideas for you in this video!

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