Room-By-Room Challenge- #1 Bathroom Part 1

All things organizing and cleaning for the bathroom!

We are excited to join you all in our Room-By-Room Challenge! We are hoping to address each room in your home to help you create the home you love to be in! The first room we are going to tackle is the BATHROOM.

Get excited about ORGANIZING!

We think editing is the smartest place to start when updating a space. Get rid of any items that you no longer need; donate- trash- recycle- whatever that looks like to you. Go through EVERYTHING, closets, cabinets and drawers. This phase always looks worse before it gets better!

After editing, its time to organize! Start by putting like items together, this will help to determine the size of the bin, box or tray you will need to place your items in when you are ready. If you're on a budget get creative with what you use to store and organize your items- Shoe boxes, mason jars, Lazy Susan's, kitchen utensil trays and Tupperware containers are all good and inexpensive options! Below are some great ideas from Cosmopolitan to inspire you to think savvy about the containers you store items in and how you store them!

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

Time to get Cleaning!!

I know this isn't the fun part, BUT I promise you will feel better when it's done!! We recommend working from top to bottom when cleaning a space. Start with the ceiling vent and end with the floors!

Download our cleaning checklist for FREE to make sure your bathroom SPARKLES!



Make sure you use the appropriate cleaner on your tiled areas. So many products are ok to use on tile but will erode the grout or metal edging. This is a photo of what can happen if you use the wrong product! The metal edging is complete corroded!

The tile company we work with recommends using MORE Stone & Tile Cleaner when cleaning any stone or tile surface in your home.

Check out this video for even MORE information and tips!

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